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Heart of Hospitality

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A Christian site advertising a sermon series on hospitality said, “Hospitality — it’s not just an event; it’s a lifestyle, intended to point others to God’s family.”

Hospitality should be a central part of Christian living.  Hospitality is often labeled as a spiritual gift.  Although many Christians have an affinity for hospitality, all Christians are called to practice hospitality.  Hospitality is mentioned throughout the Bible, because God values it.  God commands Christians to offer hospitality continually and unconditionally.  The Bible gives a directive, an example, and a promise regarding hospitality.

What is the directive?

1 Peter 4:9-10

Romans 12:13

Titus 1:8

Hebrews 13:2

Leviticus 19:34

What is the example? God’s Word presents people and parables to demonstrate what God intends for us to do.

Matthew 25:34-36

Acts 28:2

Isaiah 58:7

Genesis 19:1-3

2 Kings 4:8-10

What is the promise?  God values hospitality and favors those who practice it with a reward.

Mark 9:41

Colossians 3:23-24

Luke 14:12-14

Be cheerful – I Peter 4:9

Offer hospitality to everyone – Hebrews 13:2, Leviticus 19:34, Luke 14:12-14

It is considered good and is looked upon favorably by God – Titus 1:8

Be generous – Romans 12:13

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