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Mosaic Birdhouse: For the Birds

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My latest project is literally for the birds.  It is a mosaic birdhouse designed to look like an old western tavern.  It’s a piece that I created for my grandfather.  It will make an interesting home for resident birds.

The mosaic birdhouse was constructed using a wooden birdhouse from Michael’s.  For tiling, I used broken pieces of earth tone china for the larger areas and smaller blue glass tiles to trim the edges.  Java chip earl drops line the columns.  To give it a more Western feel, I staggered pennies on the roof to evoke a feeling of weathered copper.  Scrabble tiles fit perfectly as a tavern sign spelling out “The Roost”.  When grouting, it’s a good idea to cover the Scrabble tiles so that the grout doesn’t dull them.  After grouting, seal them with Weldbond.

Birdhouses are quick, creative mosaic projects.  They come in a variety of sizes and shapes.   Incorporate leftover material from other projects to make a unique, personalized design.  Best of all mosaic birdhouses make great gifts.

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